TLC Assumes Teenager Being pregnant, Hershey College Unwillingly Admits HIV-postive College students, as well as Intercourse Prior to Sports activities is actually OKAY

The Learning Channel Takes on Teen Pregnancy in Two New Shows

A few weeks ago a Louisiana school made headlines for a pregnancy policy that said any young woman suspected of being pregnant would be forced to take a pregnancy test (using a doctor of the school’s choosing) and if she is found, we can buy rabbit vibrator. pregnant she would no longer be welcome in class. She could choose homeschooling or a “different educational opportunity. Such a policy seemed to be taking us back to fifties when pregnant teenagers were shipped off to homes for unwed mothers while their families pretended they were spending a few months with relatives in the country. Two new TLC shows, however, are here to remind us that we’re in 2012 where instead of being hidden from the neighbors prying eyes, they are exposed to the prying eyes of the nation on reality TV shows and tabloid magazine covers.

The first of the shows was a special that aired the first week of August aptly titled My Teen is Pregnant and So Am I. The special followed two families in the unique situation in which a mother and her daughter are pregnant at the same time. (Wasn’t this the plot of the Father of the Bride, II?) Never one to miss an opportunity for melodrama, TLC had this to say about the show:

From the number times I’ve written about TV shows, it would be easy to believe that I spend most of my life watching television but somehow I missed this one. The clips I watched on the TLC website, however, seem to suggest a tone of high drama. In one, a 17-year-old and her 40-year-old get back to back sonograms and we watch as the mother cries through her daughter’s procedure lelo vibrator explaining that “it wasn’t supposed to be like this, you’re still a kid.” The daughter, in a taped interview, cries when she says she knows how much she disappointed her parents. (I’m sure there are many more heart-to-hearts with the camera but I wonder if anyone ever mentions that her mother’s pregnancy seems to have been unplanned as well and asks whether the mother is equally disappointed in herself?)

Without having seen the whole thing, I will just say that it seems to be in line with the network’s other shows that invite us to be voyeurs into the reproductive lives of others from Virgin Diaries to I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant to 19 Kids and Counting.

The network’s other offering, howe.

dealing with the education of homeless children and youth in U.S. public schools.

The initial sample of 6,653 students was narrowed to 6,317 who gave full information on their sexual orientation and homelessness status. Less than 5 percent of students overall identified themselves as GLB, yet they accounted for 19 percent of those who identified themselves as homeless.

Rates of homelessness were 3.2 percent among exclusively heterosexual students, 12.5 percent among heterosexuals reporting same-sex partners, 15 percent among bisexuals, 25 percent among lesbian/gay students, and 20 percent among students who said they were unsure of their sexual orientation.

Among the best anal sex toys youth who were homeless, those who were not exclusively heterosexual were more likely to be living away from their families. Among boys identifying as gay, 15 percent were homeless but unaccompanied by parents/guardians, and 8 percent were homeless but living with parents. Among lesbian girls, 22.5 percent were homeless and unaccompanied, while just 3.8 percent were homeless but with their parents. The same pattern held among bisexual students, among heterosexuals with same-sex partners, and among males unsure of their sexual orientation.

Teens with a sexual minority orientation are more likely than heterosexual teens to be unaccompanied and homeless rather than part of a homeless family, says Corliss. This suggests that they may be more likely to be mistreated or rejected by their families and more likely to leave home.

The researchers hope their lelo gigi findings will raise awareness of the vulnerability of GL.

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