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Welcome to our regular round-up of the best sex toy reviews from the past week.You've been offering your candid opinions on everything from lubricants to corsets to bondage kits, delivering killer consumer advice in the process.And then take a look at the best reviews from our friends at edenfantasys in the United States. Lovely to see that they're as passionate about their toys as you are!my blog's 5 Best Reviews of the WeekDisco Dave reviews Liquid SilkOften as not the best reviews get straight to the point so when Disco Dave begins his review with... "Liquid Silk is by far, without a doubt, the best lube I have ever used! Here's why:" - you know he's not going to go around the houses! A super review...Spanish Fly loves her new Super Twist VibeOn her debut review FunZone Vulcan, Spanish Fly coins the killer phrase, "household pervertables". A victory for common sense! Not only that, she delivers an excellent summation of the good and bad bits of her new vibrator.Kinkymiss gets to grips with her Fetish Fantasy Suction Cuff Bondage KitIt's clear reading this review just what the USP is with this kit: suction cups. Of course, the suction cups are attached to cuffs, hence the name of the product. And Kinkymiss and her hubbie have discovered that these suckers stick to surfaces like crazy - so you're not tied down (her pun!) to one position.Lubyanka slips into her Sweet Streak Royal Brocade Lace-Up Corset Set Lubyanka does not do things by halves. Her reviews are deeper than the sea and .

rink wrap plastic has been opened for photoshoots. However, the Billy has NOT been used and has been thoroughly cleaned. See below.

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, use pillows to help make access easier. Put one pillow under your hips to raise them off the mattress. Have other pillow under his chest so that his chin isn’t digging into the bed.

Take Control – If you’ve got a submissive man on your hands who prefers it when you take control, this is the time to take advantage. Rather than you being the one laying down and receiving, climb on top of him and get your body where it counts – right over his face discount adult toys. Be sure you have something to hold on to, to keep balance as well as control. This will help him as well, by positioning your body in the right spots, he can see where his licking does he most good.




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