Occasions Online's 'Pornography' Post -- Placing My personal two Cents Within

Locating your G-spot (yes, it does exist!) can open up a whole new and orgasmic world of pleasure. The next step is to discover how to enjoy a G-spot orgasm... and then ejaculate.Female ejaculation is not a myth. It may only be about 10% of women who have the ability to do it (and the jury is still out about exactly what the fluid is) but it certainly isn't an embarrassing display of orgasm-induced incontinence. Clinical analysis has revealed that although it's expelled from the urethra, it is in fact the female equivalent of prostatic fluid. So it's similar to male ejaculate - slippery in consistency, but clear or only slightly milky in colour, and obviously minus the sperm content!Enjoy the learning processI've given details about how to locate your G-spot in my tip Elusive but Effusive... how to find your G-spot. This is the type of orgasm that produces female ejaculate, although you can, of course, have a G-spot orgasm and not ejaculate. The important thing with all sexual exploration is to avoid putting performance pressure on yourself and just enjoy the learning process.Grab a towelWhen the spot is first touched it can be uncomfortable.


And then there are the exploding candles.

Yes, you read that right. When the candle is lit, it gets so hot the glass explodes. Imagine being injured by shrapnel from your Christmas gift. As if thats not enough, this candle may be made from banned materials.

Play it safe this holiday season and shop from a retailer you trust like sextoysbrand. Our Shunga massage candle desire wont injure you in any way. The wax will never get too hot since massage wax melts at a lower temperature than regular candle wax. The sex massage oils are scented vanilla and are very light on your sk.

Little to None 47.2%
Moderate/Average 48.3%
The More the Better 4.5%

Stomach Hair with a Treasure Trail Is:
Sexy 40.2%
Shave It Off Now! 25.3%
I Don’t Care Either Way 34.5%

Back and Shoulder Hair Is:
Unacceptable! 71.9%
Perfectly OK 11.2%
Turns Me On 1.1%
I Don’t Care Either Way 15.7%

A Hairy Butt:
Has To Go! 50.6%
Perfectly Normal 29.2%
I Don’t Car Either Way 20.2%

I Am OK With Upper Arm Hair If:
If It Is Not Excessive 69.7%
I Am Not Ok! 30.3%

Armpit Hair:
Should Be Shaved 9.0%
Ok If Not A Bush 62.9%
Sexy 5.6%
I Don’t Care Either Way 22.5%




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