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It's time to go green! New EU regulations mean that you shouldn't throw your old sex toys in the bin. Recycle your vibrators with my blog's Rabbit Amnesty sex toy recycling scheme.Under the EU Waste Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Regulations introduced on 1 July, householders have a Duty of Care to dispose of waste electrical equipment properly – it's no longer good enough to throw old electrical equipment, including vibrators, in the kitchen blog is committed to adopting greener business practices that will benefit both its customers and the environment. my blog has joined the Distributor sex dolls Takeback Scheme to meet its obligations under the WEEE regulations and has gone one step further by launching the Rabbit Amnesty sex toy recycli.

have sex with men (MSM) are 60 percent less likely to begin anti-retroviral treatment, and less likely to adhere to their medications (Millett, 2012, The Lancet). Why then should we believe that Black MSM who are HIV negative will somehow overcome all the same barriers to take a pill EVERYDAY while, for them, non-adherence has far fewer immediate consequences?

Taking such an intense medication only makes sense to me if you believe that the possible side effects outweigh the possible consequences of not taking it. In the case of someone who is HIV-positive, the potential consequences of non-adherence great american challenge dildo are obvious. For negative men, these potential side effects seem to outweigh the benefits, from my perspective. Further, Truvada hasnt been around long enough for us to know what the long-term side effects are. What will happen to our bodies 20, 30, or more years from now as a result of taking a highly potent ART for an indefinite amount of time?

Then theres the question of how it will affect risk. There are data on this and there will, undoubtedly be more. But, how do we truly measure to what level risk compensation might occur. Anecdotally, I have heard men talk about PrEP as something that will protect you and allow you to no longer worry about HIV. I have no proof that this will happen but it is absolutely a concern I have.

Finally, another recent Lancet article by Sullivan,, highlights some failures of prevention interventions targeting gay men. I would posit that the reason, in large part, other interventions have failed is because we fail to address the larger issues that we are all aware ofpoverty, racism, sexism, homophobia, HIV-stigma, inequality, food insecurity, housing instability, and so on. Behavior change sex bondage does not happen in a vacuum.We cannot expect to be able to give folks information, condoms, and lube, and expect that they will magically get .

tion of DNA and proteins that make up the contents of the nucleus of a cell. It is remodeled to give the proteins that regulate how genes act access to the genetic material.

JQ1 subverts that process by binding to a pocket of BRDT that is necessary for chromatin remodeling to take place. In doing this, JQ1 blocks the normal process by which sperm are made, thereby reducing production and quality of the sperm.

Using JQ1 provided by Bradner, Matzuk and his group injected mice with the compound in solution and evaluated the effect. The mice that received JQ1 lelo had lower sperm counts, and their sperm were less mobile than those of mice who had not received the molecule. This rendered the JQ1-treated mice infertile.

These findings suggest that a reversible, oral male contraceptive may be possible, said Bradner, who is also on faculty at Harvard Medical School and the Broad Institute. While we will be conducting more research to see if we can build on our current findings, JQ1 shows initial promise as a lead compound for male contraception.


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