We previously highlighted glass and why it rocks as a sex toy material

Gianni, Form 4, Bendybeads, Smartballs Teneo Duo, Tex, Tristan, Big Boss, Ina 2The majority of sex toys we carry are made of pure silicone, so its no surprise we have a special place in our hearts for it.?Its an extremely versatile material, and because it can be soft, silicone is ideal for?anal beads,?double-ended dildos,?packers, and any time a more yielding material is desired. Gotta love that!Solid silicone toys (like dildos) are made by pouring liquid silicone into a mold, letting it set, prying it out of the mold (beware the suction!), and trimming the excess silicone bits. Other toys, like vibrators, are coated in silicone. But the really important part comes before the production line, when a company decides to use 100% medical-grade silicone the purest of the pure rather than settling for a cheaper and less body-safe material.Speaking of cheap materials, watch out for mislabeled toys at shops that dont carefully curate their selection. The sex toy industry is unregulated, and any manufacturer can slap the words 100% silicone or phthalate-free on their packaging without ever having to prove such a claim. Thats why its so important to shop from a place like us that carries only body-safe toys.We previously highlighted glass and why it rocks as a sex toy material, and now its time to discuss pure silicone. ?Here are our top reasons for loving silicone sex toys!Silicone is the only soft sex toy material that is totally non-porous.?Unfortunately, a lot of?toxic toys are still being produced, many containing phthalates?(we dont carry any of them). Unsafe materials like jelly can degrade, melt, off-gas, harbor bacteria, and even cause allergic reactions.?Silicone, which is phthalate-free an.

so enriched with tiny flakes of gold to lend a gorgeous sheen to your lovers skin.Lelo have also sent us their lovely new Personal Lubricant a rich, water-based lube that moisturizes and provides condom-safe lubrication during pl.

creative pictures of sex toys, visit this week's Toy with me Tuesday round up onNess's blog, or follow the #ToyWithMeTuesday hashtag on twitter..

They're sure to add some extra zing to a night on the town

If youre currently pondering what to get your significant other this holiday season, we have you covered! Here are our top picks for sexy holiday gift-giving and stocking-stuffing this year. Visit us in person or peruse our online store to snatch these up. And dont forget to check out our 2011 and?2010 picks for even more ideas!Seasonal Suntouched Massage CandlesWere big fans of Earthly Bodys regular Suntouched Massage Candles, so these new seasonal scents could not be any more appealing! We especially love the Snowed In scent, but the candles also come in Hot Apple Cider and Candy Cane Lane. Each hand-poured soy-oil candle melts into a warm but not too hot! massage oil. If you want to sample all three scents (or perhaps you need to fill three stockings?!), pick up the?Seasonal Massage Candle Trio. Its even packaged in a gift bag already!Pocket ToyfriendsCompact, colorful, and dead simple to use, the Pocket Toyfriends have a playfulness about them that is hard to resist! Each one is made of ABS plastic and silicone and powered by a single AAA battery. There are four styles to choose from ?Foxy,?Zany,?Posh, and?Nice? each in a different color and with a?unique?shape of tip. Which one will best appeal to your stocking?recipient?Incoqnito Droplet NecklaceWhat could make a little black dress even better? The addition of this necklace! To the casual observer, its nothing more than a luxurious piece of stainless steel jewelry. But for the wearer, its a pair of discreet nipple vibrators. Theyre sure to add some extra zing to a night on the town, and theyll certainly look sexy draped over the rim of a stocking.The Gay S.

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rsandi, Josie Long, Ben Miller, Joanna Neary, Kate Smurthwaite, Ava Vidal, Catie Wilkins, Doc Brown, Jenny Eclair, Festival of the Spoken Nerd (Helen Arney, Steve Mould and Matt Parker).Raising money for sexual health charity Brook, a night of giggles adds up to providing support and advice about sexual health to young people. Everybody wins!.